ISA CTEEP's performance against COVID-19

We provide an essential service to society. And along with this responsibility, we are committed to preserving the health and safety of each of our different audience. In the current scenario, we are adopting all protective measures, following the recommendations of the authorities. The company permanently monitors and evaluates all the impacts, generated, from the most diverse scenarios and develops strategies, seeking the most appropriate solutions.

Find out about the initiatives that we are carrying out and reinforce our dedication to continue delivering the energy transmission service to the population, and contributing to fight the spread of the virus:

Care for employees
Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have reinforced hygiene routines in all our work environments and transportation, in addition to restricting travel (national and international), participation in events, and receiving external visitors.

The Health Channel was created to assist employees and we hired an infectologist to validate the protocols. In addition, there is daily monitoring of the health status of all professionals through an application. In addition to contributing to the quality of life and well-being of our teams, social and emotional support activities are being provided, such as PASS Support (guidance service for four areas: psychology, finance, social and legal) as well as Gympass (Yoga and relaxation classes).

Business continuity
Our two operational centers are fully performing, aiming to meet the load transmissions of the entire company network. For this, the secondary center is mirroring the functionalities of the primary transmission operation center. The two centers are working to serve both the Basic Network (installations with a voltage equal to or greater than 230 kV), as well as the DIT (Other Transmission Installations, with voltage less than 230 kV).
In addition to operational security, this measure causes teams to be divided between the two locations, minimizing the social contact of professionals and reducing the risk of contagion. As in our other units, these two centers have undergone an intense routine of hygiene and sterlisation, as a way of minimizing the possibilities of contagion among professionals.

We perform evaluations and prioritization of critical substations and prioritize maintenance, following specifications of the areas of Operations and Maintenance. Operational protocols are also established to be triggered according to the scenario (shift change, camp and return to work) and evaluated by a medical specialist. Finally, preventive (daily) monitoring of employees is carried out through a health application, in addition to psychological monitoring.

Some of the teams, due to the nature of their work, are working from temporary accommodation in our units. All professionals assigned to this activity undergo medical evaluation and testing when starting and finishing their 7 day shift. Employees also have at their disposal all the internal infrastructure that makes this work model possible, without the need for exposure to external contact.

To monitor and evaluate the scenario and risks, we have a daily crisis committee with the participation of the company's CEO, which establishes guidelines in a broad way for all areas of the company, allowing us to provide agile and efficient responses in order to preserve our operations.

Remote work
ISA CTEEP established remote work for an indefinite period for all administrative employees.
In the operational and regional areas, the number of employees to perform on-site activities is stipulated, so as not to impact operations. For the subsidiaries, changes were made to shifts, relay of maintenance teams and minimum contingent for special situations and predictive maintenance. It is important to highlight that the population classified as a risk group is “in remote work” or “in preventive isolation”.

Monitoring of projects under construction
Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have been working with prevention protocols. We also constantly reinforce with our partners the guidance to maintain adequate distance.

Humanitarian Action and “We Are All One – (Todos Somos Um)”
We donated R$ 1.5 million to the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (FIOCRUZ), for the acquisition and manufacture of rapid tests for COVID-19, in partnership with other companies in the electricity sector, with a total collection of R$ 9 million. This action is part of a great collective effort by the electricity sector, articulated by Instituto Acende Brasil, to minimize the impacts of this pandemic.

In addition, the initiative “Todos Somos Um” is being carried out, which also aims to combat COVID-19 through voluntary financial contributions from our employees, with the expectation of raising more than R$ 150 thousand. These resources may be used for actions such as support in the structuring of field hospitals, promotion of new beds, acquisition and / or repair of hospital equipment (respirators and cardiac monitors) and provision of personal protective equipment for health professionals.

We continue to monitor the situation of the coronavirus in the country, implementing all the actions necessary for the continuity of our operations, which become even more important in the face of the challenge we are experiencing. We always follow all the protection and safety measures necessary for the well-being of our employees and everyone with whom we interact, in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19. We continue to work to provide an essential service to society, with reliability and security.

Updated on May 26, 2020.