The Board of Directors is the main forum for decision-making and general business guidance on ISA CTEEP’s businesses, its focus being on creating shareholder value.

The Board is made up of 09 members, one Chairman, one Vice Chairman and seven directors, among whom are representatives of the minority shareholders and the employees (one each).

Their principal duties are: to elect members of the Board; supervise the management of the business; examine the Management Discussion and Analysis, the Financial Statements and the Management Accounts; approve the economic-financial plans and budgets and execution of work submitted by the Executive Board and to choose and dismiss the Independent Auditors.

In line with the best Corporate Governance practices, the Chairman of ISA CTEEP’s Board of Directors is not a member of the Executive Board. Board meetings are held monthly or when convened by the Chairman or any director..


Bernardo Vargas Gibsone

Vice Chairman

Fernando Augusto Rojas Pinto


César Augusto Ramírez Rojas
Gustavo Carlos Marin Garat

Marcos Simas Parentoni (minority shareholder's representative)
Samuel Elias de Souza (employee's representative)
Carlos Alberto Rodriguez Lopes

ISA CTEEP’s Fiscal Council is permanently installed and comprises four effective councilors and five alternates, with the participation of representatives of the minority shareholders.

The Council is responsible for oversight of acts of members of management and verification of their legal and statutory duties; to opine on the Management Discussion and Analysis; examine the trial balance sheet and other financial statements prepared periodically by the Company; examine and opine on the financial statements for the fiscal year.


Manuel Domingues de Jesus e Pinho


Antonio Luiz de Campos Gurgel
Rosangela da Silva
Flavio Cesar Maia Luz
Egídio Schoenberger


João Henrique de Souza Brum
Luiz Flávio Cordeiro da Silva
Josino de Almeida Fonseca
Sônia Regina Jung
João Vicente Amato Torres

ISA CTEEP’s Executive Board is made up of Three members, one of which is the Chief Executive Officer and another four executive officers, all elected for a three year term of office. As well as serving as an important channel for recommendation to the Board of Directors, the Executive Board is responsible for management of the business and for practicing all acts necessary for the correctness of Company operations.

Chief Executive Officer

Reynaldo Passanezi Filho

Chief Financial Officer and Director of Investor Relations

Rinaldo Pecchio Junior

Chief Operating Officer

Carlos Ribeiro

Chief Project Officer

Weberson Eduardo Guioto Abreu

Chief Institutional Relations Officer

Rafael Falcão Noda

In ISA CTEEP’s corporate governance model, which prioritizes management efficiency and the professionalism of its managers, the committees play a fundamental role in interacting with the Executive Board, preparing themes to be subsequently debated and approved by the Board of Directors.

Compensation Committee

Made up of three members, the committee is responsible for monitoring, analyzing and proposing to the Board of Directors issues relating to compensation of officers and directors; appointments to the Executive Board; positions and salaries; wage policy; variable remuneration; profits and results sharing (PLR) and the collective labor agreement.

Committee Members

César Augusto Ramirez Rojas

Intern Auditor Committee

Made up of five members, four from the Board of Directors. Addicionally Company's CEO participates as a guest and the head of the intern auditor department as a technical secretary, both can't vote.

Committee Members

César Augusto Ramirez Rojas
Marcos Simas Parentoni

Updated on June 28, 2016.