Controlled by ISA, a multi-latin linear infrastructure systems company, ISA CTEEP has among its investors Eletrobras, the largest Brazilian electric energy group.

Shareholders TRPL3 % TRPL4 % Total %
ISA Capital do Brasil 57,714,208 89.50% 1,286,132 1.28% 59,000,340 35.82%
Free Float 6,770,225 10.50% 98,950,261 98.72% 105,720,486 64.18%
Eletrobras 6,289,661 9.75% 52,005,758 51.88% 58,295,419 35.39%
Others 480,564 0.75% 46,944,503 46.83% 47,425,067 28.79%
Total 64,484,433 100.00% 100,236,393 100.00% 164,720,826 100.00%

Distribution of Total Capital on 30/09/2018

Of the Company’s shares, 51% are in the power of national investors* and 49% belong to foreign investors.

* Considers the stake of Isa Capital do Brasil, an investment vehicle of ISA Colombia for the acquisition of ISA CTEEP.


With 33 affiliates and subsidiaries, ISA manages large scale infrastructure projects and contributes to the development of the countries in which it is present in, like Colombia, Brazil, Peru, Chile, Bolivia, Ecuador, Argentina, Panama, among others. Its activities are concentrated in the sectors of transmission of electric energy, telecom, highway concessions and real time systems.

In around 50 years of performance, the company has acquired as one of its main characteristics, its efficiency and reliability in the provision of services, with an emphasis regarding human rights and the environment. Its team exceeds 3.8 thousand high quality and committed employees.

ISA is positioned as one of the largest international electric energy transmission companies in Latin America with high voltage transmission systems, with 44.2 thousand km of transmission lines, 87.1 thousand MVA in transformation capacity and 907 km of highways.

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Of the Company’s shares, 50% are in the hands of domestic investors* and 50%, foreign investors.

Updated on January 10, 2019.