Ratification Resolution (REH) 2,725 was published on July 15, 2020, establishing new RAPs for ISA CTEEP and its subsidiaries for providing the transmission installations to members of the Basic Network and Other Transmission Installations for a 12-month cycle from July 1, 2020, to June 30, 2021 (2020/2021 cycle).

12020/2021 RAP cycle with PA.
2Considers the outcome of the administrative appeal against REH 2556/19 and the result of RTP for retrofitting projects (REH 2702 and 2705/20).
3Contract 143 of Serra do Japi establishes a 50% reduction in RAP from November 2019. In the 2019/20 cycle, the impact of the reduction was partial. The 2020/21 cycle is the first one with full impact.
4Considers the outcome of the administrative appeal against REH 2556/19.
5Includes PIS / COFINS.
6IE Tibagi's RAP value does not consider adjustment resulting from the contractual amendment (-13.5%), approved by ANEEL's Board of Directors on 10/26/20.

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Updated on April 30, 2021.