Headquartered in São Paulo,
CTEEP is present in 16 states.

CTEEP (Companhia de Transmissão de Energia Elétrica Paulista) is responsible for the transmission of 30% of Brazil`s overall annual electric power generation, and 60% of the electric energy consumed in the Southeast region. The Company is one of the leading electric power transmission concessionaires in the country, focusing on innovation and consistent improvement intended to ensure the quality and credibility of its operations. (GRI 2.1, 2.2, 2.5, 2.7)

CTEEP is a publicly-held company, controlled by ISA, which in turn holds, through its investment vehicle ISA Capital do Brasil, a 37.81% stake in the Company`s capital stock. The remaining is held by Eletrobrás (35.23%), the São Paulo State Government (6.12%), as well as by over 61,000 shareholders, both individuals and corporate organizations. In 2012, one of CTEEP`s shareholders, Vinci Equities Gestora de Recursos Ltda (an asset management company) raised its share in preferred stock to 7.22%, accounting for 4.17% of the Company`s total capital stock. (GRI 2.6)

ISA is one of the largest electric power transmission groups in Latin America, with 40,665 km of high-tension circuits and installed capacity of 74,040 MVA. The Group operates in Colombia, Chile, Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Argentina and Central America, as well as in Brazil, through CTEEP. ISA`s segments of operations include electric power transportation, telecommunications, toll road concessions and real-time intelligent vision systems. At the close of FY 2012, ISA`s consolidated financial statements reported total assets in the amount of US$ 14.6 billion, and US$ 2.4 billion in revenues.

Eletrobras` operations focus on electric power generation, transmission and distribution. It is controlled by the Brazilian Federal Government, and it is the largest company operating in the electric power sector in Latin America, comprising 162 hydroelectric, thermoelectric, wind farms and thermonuclear plants, in addition to over 50% of the Brazilian transmission lines and six distribution companies.

CTEEP is headquartered in the city of São Paulo, and it is present in 16 Brazilian states through its own operational assets, subsidiaries and equity interests. The Company holds five Regional Offices located in cities of São Paulo State (Cabreúva, Taubaté, Bauru, Jupiá and São Paulo), one Transmission Operation Center (COT) in Jundiaí, and one Backend Operation Center (COR) in Cabreúva. Furthermore, it has 106 substations located in the state of São Paulo, with voltage of up to 550 kV and 30,273 transmission towers. (GRI 2.3, 2.4, 2.8)

In 2012, a total of 143,473 GWh of energy was carried along CTEEP’s assets, a network made up of 13,723 km of transmission lines, 19,189 km of circuits, 2,488 km of fiber optic cables and 106 substations with voltage of up to 550 kV, with a total installed capacity of 45,317 MVA. This network interlinks connection points of both power-generating companies and other transmission companies, feeding into free clients and electric power distributors’ network, which are in charge of delivering electricity to end consumers. (GRI 2.8)


Length of transmission lines by voltage category km
440 kV 6.504,32
345 kV 725,75
230 kV 1.452,36
138 kV 9.023,84
88 kV 1.480,71
69 kV 2,03
TOTAL 19.189,01


Length of transmission lines by construction type km
Aéreas 13.690,00
Subterrâneas 33,00
TOTAL 13.723,00


National presence

At the close of FY 2012, CTEEP had 1,593 employees, whose joint effort contributed to the attainment of net operating revenues in the amount of R$ 2,819.0 billion, and a net income of R$ 843.54 million for the period. This performance enabled the Company to invest R$ 952.2 million in reinforcement, modernization and improvement of existing assets, in addition to investments in workforce and capital increase in subsidiaries.