The 2030 Strategy is inspired by the Sustainable Value generation and is based on 4 pillars that form the acronym “VIDA”, a word full of meaning: Green (Verde), in the sense of environmental awareness and commitment to the planet; Innovation, as a leverage to grow through new technologies and disruptive trends; Development, to keep growing with profitability, through new projects and business models; and Articulation of new collaboration mechanisms and capacity building to alliance.

The 2030 Strategy developes the way for the ISA CTEEP group's longevity and competitiveness, guaranteeing a response to market challenges and to changes in the sector, and shows the commitment to generate sustainable value for shareholders, for society and the planet.

One of the most important capital allocation avenues of ISA CTEEP's is investing in new projects that generate sustainable value. The Company won 13 lots at the transmission auctions in the last 4 years that will add Annual Permitted Revenue (RAP) of BRL567 million with an ANEEL investment of around BRL5 billion. In addition to the greenfield projects, the Company has an opportunity for growth through retrofitting projects in renewed concession. These investments depend on resolutions authorized by ANEEL and the Company already has BRL500 million in investment authorizations, which will be executed in the coming years.

This growth is based on the adoption of projects and solutions that value technical-operational management and economic-financial balance, maintaining a competitive position and generating benefits for society.

Updated on May 5, 2020.