ISA CTEEP monitors its business based on the following pillars of management: Operations and Maintenance, Projects, Subsidiaries, Regulation, Legal and Growth. The management pillars are based on a business strategy that seeks sustainability.

In Operations and Maintenance, the goal is to develop activities with efficiency, quality and safety. ISA CTEEP’s recent performance makes the Company a reference in the electric sector.

The Company is an industry leader in the development of Projects and electric energy infrastructure in all of Brazil. Efforts have been directed towards reaching consistently high levels of profitability in the quest for sustainable growth.

The management of Subsidiaries prioritizes integration and the strengthening of the corporate governance model, which aims to align policies, processes, systems and practices, in addition to promoting greater control and financial discipline.

The goal in actively participating in discussions about the sector’s Regulation consists in ensuring economic-financial equilibrium of the concession agreements, based on the binomial of encouraging a competitive business environment and providing benefits to society.

In regards to Legal affairs, the Company has been successful in obtaining rulings in its favor, which reinforce its focus in the reduction of contingencies.

With regards to the Growth pillar, the Company is working on 10 greenfield projects obtained in successful auction bids. These projects represent a commitment to invest approximately BRL2.9 billion in the Brazilian electric system.

Connections that inspire the ISA CTEEP team and generate value over time.

Updated on March 4, 2020.