Connected to our superior purpose “Connections that Inspire” and under the vision “Future Inspired by Sustainable Value”, our strategy focuses on the long-term continuity of business, in line with maximizing value creation for our stakeholders. In line with this context, it comprises three strategic vectors and pillars that guide the conduct of our activities.

  • Generate shareholder value – grow in the transmission market, through participation in auctions (greenfield), mergers and acquisitions (brownfield) and investments in strengthening and improving assets, always maintaining financial discipline and the appropriate criteria for profitability and risks.
  • Create positive social and environmental impacts – generate value for society and the planet through high-impact socio-environmental projects and actions to reduce and mitigate the impacts of climate change.
  • Ensuring corporate longevity – investing in new energy businesses and in the capacity for innovation and entrepreneurship, ensuring the continuity of our activities. Build high-performance teams and strategic partners, with a focus on improving competitiveness and developing capabilities.

The 2030 Strategy paves the way for ISA CTEEP's longevity and competitiveness, ensuring a response to market challenges and sector transformations and expresses the commitment to generate sustainable value for shareholders, society and the planet, supported by four pillars that guide our daily actions and the way we relate to all audiences.


One of ISA CTEEP's important avenues of capital allocation is investment in new projects that generate sustainable value. The lots sold in transmission auctions since 2016 will add an Annual Allowed Revenue (RAP) of R$686 million, for the 2021/2022 cycle, with ANEEL investment of around R$6.3 billion. In addition to the greenfield projects auctioned off, the Company has an opportunity for growth through projects to reinforce and improve the renewed concession. These investments depend on Authorizing Resolutions by ANEEL and the Company already has authorizations for investments of more than R$ 2 billion to be executed in the coming years.

Another avenue of growth is through mergers and acquisitions and, starting in March 2021, we started to consolidate the results of Piratininga – Bandeirantes Transmissora de Energia (PBTE) whose acquisition was announced in 2020 for the amount of R$ 1.6 billion (equity value). The company operates a 30km underground transmission line in the city of São Paulo and interconnects substations already owned by ISA CTEEP. In addition to investments in energy transmission, ISA CTEEP is constantly looking for new opportunities to generate sustainable value.

This growth is based on projects and solutions that value technical-operational strength and economic-financial balance, ensuring a solid competitive position and generating benefits for society.

Updated on March 31, 2022.