2023/2024 RAP Cycle

Ratification Resolution (REH) 3,216 was published on July 7th, 2023, establishing new RAPs for ISA CTEEP and its subsidiaries and subsidiaries with shared control for providing transmission installations that are part of the Basic Network and Other Transmission Installations for a 12-month cycle from July 1st, 2023, to June 30th, 2024 (2023/2024 cycle).

Permitted Annual Revenue (RAP) – Tariff Cycle 2023/2024

Permitted Annual Revenue (RAP) – Tariff Cycle 2023/2024

Pursuant to REH 3,216, the RAP and amounts corresponding to the adjustment portion (PA) of the Consolidated and subsidiaries with shared control, net of PIS and COFINS², were R$6,215 million for the 2023/2024 cycle, weighted by ISA CTEEP’s stake. Of this amount, 59% represents the RAP from the Parent Company’s renewed agreement (059/2001), including retrofitting, RBSE indemnity and the O&M portion of the agreement. In addition, 38% of the RAP refers to agreements from transmission auctions or acquisitions (M&A), with (i) 25% of projects in operation, i.e., with active RAP; and (ii) 16% of projects under construction, which should earn revenue for the Company over the coming years.

Evolution of RAP Cycle¹ (million)

RAP Cycle Evolution

¹ Considers the amounts established at the time of publication of the respective Ratification Resolutions of RAP for the tariff cycles.
² Except for agreements 020/2008 and 143/2001, which total R$38.2 million, 0.6% of Total RAP of the Company.

The Permitted Annual Revenue of 2023/2024 cycle increased by around R$1.3 billion compared to the previous tariff cycle (2022/2023), representing growth of 28%. The main factors for this variation were:

  1. inflation adjustment for the 2023/2024 cycle (IPCA), totaling R$203.2 million.
  2. new retrofitting projects that went operational in the period, adding R$41.3 million.
  3. full re composition of the financial component of RBSE resulting from the reprofiling adopted by ANEEL to mitigate the increase in energy tariffs in the 2021/2022 and 2022/2023 cycles (+R$766.5 million).
  4. additional RAP of R$510.2 million from two new projects (Lot 1, Lot 7 and Lot 9) won at auction 01/2023 held on June 30th, 2023.
  5. Reduction of R$172.2 million in the Adjustment Portion (PA) compared to the previous tariff cycle.

Concession agreements acquired until the 2018 auction establish the indemnity right on assets not depreciated at the end of their term. As of 2019, only assets authorized by ANEEL, through retrofitting projects, are entitled to indemnity.

Below is a summary of the new RAPs for the 2023/2024 cycle, including R&D regulatory charges, Energy Services Inspection Fee (TFSE) and Global Reversal Reserve (RGR), but net of the Energy Development Account (CDE) and the Incentive Program for Alternative Sources of Electricity (PROINFA), and net of PIS and COFINS. Click here to access the table.

Rap Cycle 2023/2024

¹ Full recomposition of the financial component of RBSE due to the reprofiling envisaged in REH 2,851.
² Outcome of Administrative Appeal against REH 3067/22 and Reduction of 50% of pro rata RAP established in the concession agreement.
3 Outcome of the Administrative Appeal against REH 3,067/22.
4 Considering the RAP of lots won by the Company in Transmission Auction 01/2023.
5 RAP information published in Appendix V of ANEEL Order 848/2023.
6 2023 Periodic Tariff Review: the adjustment of the cycle defined in REH 3,216 disregarded the effect of RTP 2023, published in REH 3,050, described in detail in the next section.

Updated on April 29, 2024.