São Paulo, December 02, 2020 - Investments totaled R$6.5 million, between labor and equipment

Provision of mobile transformers and substations, drones and helicopter is part of the measures to ensure reliability in light of increased electricity consumption and to enable quick response to unforeseen incidents in the coastal region of São Paulo

São Paulo, November 24, 2020 – ISA CTEEP, Brazil’s largest private power transmission company, has joined hands with other players in the coastal region of São Paulo state to launch the 2020/2021 summer plan, which includes a series of initiatives to meet the high demand for electricity in the coastal cities. The actions, which were defined jointly with regional distributors, are aimed at ensuring quality and uninterrupted power supply.

Last year, peak time electricity use during the New Year holiday in the coastal region increased 700 MW, which is sufficient to power 20 islands the size of Ilhabela on a typical December day. Based on a preliminary study of historical consumption records and data from local distributors, ISA CTEEP plans actions to guarantee the stipulated power supply during the high season.

For example, between January and October this year, teams inspected around 1,300 km of transmission line circuits in coastal São Paulo and clocked about 70 hours of flight time for aerial inspections. Technicians also have five drones, which help identify wear and tear in equipment.
For the Summer Plan period, which lasts until the third week of February, the company is relocating mobile transformers and substations, which will enable quicker restoration of power supply in case of incidents. Also, the equipment used in network maintenance is being redistributed across the coastal region to enable teams operate with greater speed and efficiency. As part of the Summer Plan, the company has also provided a helicopter, which is strategically located to ensure rapid transport of teams to areas with difficult access.

 “In the months preceding summer, we prepared the transmission network to avoid incidents during the high season. And in case of any emergency, we are prepared to act fast. For this initiative, we invested about R$6.5 million,” says Gabriela Desiré, Chief Operations Officer of ISA CTEEP.