ISA CTEEP starts operation of Electric Interconnection (IE) Aguapeí six months ahead the term

  • Total investment in the project amounts R$ 360 million
  • Araçatuba and Presidente Prudente regions benefit from a safer electrical system
  • Cable launching with drones avoided interventions in about 25 hectares of Atlantic Forest
São Paulo, February 2, 2021 - ISA CTEEP, the largest private electric power transmission company in the country, has started the partial operation of Aguapeí Electric Interconnection (IE), located in the countryside of São Paulo state, six months ahead of the initial term. The project, awarded in lot 29 of transmission auction 05/2016, has over 110 km of transmission lines and two substations (Alta Paulista and Baguaçu), with R$ 360 million investment, Allowed Annual Revenue (RAP) of R$ 60 million in the 2020-2021 cycle and creation of around 500 jobs.
In this first phase, Alta Paulista substation will start-up, benefitting the city of Presidente Prudente and its surroundings. In a second stage, the Baguaçu substation will go-live, completing the delivery of Aguapeí IE, and collaborating in the energy supply to the city of Araçatuba and its surroundings.

"We are very proud to deliver yet another project that will provide a more robust electrical system for the region and allow the connection of new consumers and new renewable energy sources, in line with our strategy of creating sustainable value", says Rui Chammas, ISA CTEEP’s CEO.

Commitment to the environment
During the works, ISA CTEEP team used techniques to minimize the impact on the environment, such as increasing the distance between transmission towers and in relation to the ground, as well as launching cables with drones, which avoided interventions in about 25 hectares of Atlantic Forest, preserving native vegetation.

In addition to carrying out environmental compensation by planting 4.95 hectares of native vegetation, in agreement with CETESB (Environmental Company of the State of São Paulo), the Company and the companies engaged for the project construction donated 5,000 seedlings to the city of Flórida Paulista, in the countryside of São Paulo state.

In addition, 100% of the recyclable waste generated from the project construction was forwarded for recycling.

Present in 17 Brazilian states, the Company operates a complex transmission network, through which 33% of all electricity produced in the country is consumed, and 94% of the State of São Paulo. Its electric system comprises over 20 thousand kilometers of transmission lines and 140 substations (in operation and under construction). The Company was privatized in 2006, and its controlling shareholder is ISA Group, holding 35.82% of the total capital.
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