Since its creation, ISA CTEEP has sustained its identity based on ethical principles in the adoption of honest, coherent, reputable and responsible behaviors, which transcend strategic cycles and guarantee the generation of sustainable value for all interest groups. .

We reinforce the importance of ethics as a central pillar of good corporate governance and recognize the importance of establishing, promulgating and applying this Code in all business decisions. That is why we reaffirm our commitment to the current ethics that we promulgate and exemplify, in view of our superior purpose, impacting not only business, but also society.

We have the unshakable desire to continue building a company that stands out worldwide for its good compliance practices. Thus, we reiterate the duty of all recipients of this Code to know, internalize, comply with and contribute to its application, and we reject any conduct contrary to this business philosophy.

Rui Chammas
Chief Executive Officer ISA CTEEP

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Updated on February 24, 2022.