A publicly-held company which has shares traded at BM&FBOVESPA, ISA CTEEP is mainly controlled by ISA, one of the largest groups of electrical energy transmission in Latin America, and Eletrobras, the largest Brazilian energy group, and over 60 thousand individual and corporate shareholders.

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Main shareholder with nearly 90% of the shares entitled to vote, ISA formed by 47 branches and subsidiaries operating in the sectors of electric power transmission, road concessions, telecommunications and intelligent management system in real time. With these activities, it is present in the following countries: Colombia, Brazil, Peru, Chile, Bolivia, Argentina, as well as in Central America.

On a global scenario of major transformations, demanding and based on sustainability, the ISA is member of the Dow Jones Sustainability Index, for three consecutive years, and works for mitigation and adaptations to climate change, ensuring  the services provided, rational use of resources and for a more inclusive society. 

Operating for 50 years, ISA has established efficiency and reliability as its brand in service provision, with respect for Human Rights and the environment, aiming at the continuous improvement of quality of life and the development of communities where it operates. Involved in this effort, the Company has a highly qualified team of almost 4,326 employees.

In the Power Transmission sector, ISA has projected in its business plan investments to maintain its leadership and consolidate its position as the operator with the largest presence in Latin America, reaching levels of operational efficiency in line with the best international practices.

It is essential for the operation of an energy market; it is the meeting point between generation and demand and the medium through which electric energy is exchanged.

Through its affiliates and subsidiaries, ISA expands, operates and maintains high-voltage energy transmission systems, which positions it as the largest international electricity carrier in Latin America, with 46,374 km and 92,600 MVA of energy transmission infrastructure in operation.

The business offers a full portfolio of electric energy transmission services for market agents; connection to the electric system from generators, network operators, regional carriers and major consumers; construction of projects for third parties; and associated maintenance services, electricity and energy studies.

ISA participates on this business through INTERNEXA, an affiliate company dedicated to the complete design of international, national and metropolitan connectivity solutions, which also provides access to the best Internet service in the region, as well as big data, web analytics, cloud computing services and business mobility solutions.

It has an open network for all players in the continent, offering a broad digital platform for Latin America, interconnected with the region and with the United States. The company have terrestrial and maritime infrastructures that connect United States with Colombia and Brazil, consolidating a network of nearly 49,500 km.

It offers infrastructure solutions that contribute to the competitiveness of countries through physical integration between the production and consumption points, providing users with roads with high standards of quality, safety and connectivity.

Through its affiliate companies, ISA structures, designs, builds, operates and maintains the road infrastructure. In Chile, it is the biggest operator of intercity roads, with 907 km of highways from Santiago to the city of Río Bueno and 136 km of road under construction.

To serve users, it offers emergency centers, SOS posts, emergency vehicles, control and service areas, and maintains fluid and timely communication with its users and the community.

It develops planning, design, optimization, commissioning, operation, administration or management services for transnational systems or technology platforms, involving the exchange of value-added information, and related markets of assets and services.

It offers intelligent solutions based on technology and knowledge acquired to different segments of the economy:

  • Electric sector: XM is responsible in Colombia for the operation of the National Interconnected System and management of the Wholesale Energy Market.
  • Financial sector: with the Colombia Stock Exchange, it operates Derivex, company that manages the energy derivatives market in the country, and participates as an investor in the Central Counterparty Risk Chamber.
  • Mobility sector: the affiliate Sistemas Inteligentes en Red operates the Traffic Control Center in Medellin.

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Updated on February 10, 2022.