The mission of ISA CTEEP is focused on operating, maintaining, and expanding electrical energy transmission systems, with excellence in service rendering based on developing human capital and innovative capacity, in order to create value for our shareholders and other stakeholders, and contributing to a sustainable business development.


With over 50 years of history, ISA continues to be driven by a renewed strategy based on Sustainable Value "We have to renew ourselves and prepare to face challenges, some of which we do not even know," said ISA President Bernardo Vargas. "Before the challenges were engineering, processes, planning. Then we began to discover that the new challenges are people, the environment, communities. This has forced us to reinvent ourselves, to know that, as our manifesto says, we must learn from our history to prepare ourselves for what was to come, "reveals the president of ISA.


The ISA 2030 strategy casts inspiring and challenging reflections on how we relate to each other and to the world.

Click on the image and check out the pillars of the ISA 2030 Strategy:

Green Innovation Development Articulation


  • Minimize environmental impacts of operations.
  • Promote initiatives that generate positive environmental impact.


  • Take advantage of business opportunities arising from technological evolution and industry trends.


  • Develop organizational capabilities to meet long-term challenges
  • Contribute to the development of communities and the entrepreneurship ecosystem


  • Establish partnerships to achieve strategic objectives



Consistency between speech and practice, developing transparent attitudes and actions, essential to building long-lasting relationships with all stakeholders.


Assuring quality standards across the Organization, aiming at being recognized in the market, and adding value to the business.


Creating and incorporating new practices or improvements that contribute to reaching the Organization’s goals.

Social responsibility

Constantly seeking sustainable development by fulfilling the commitments established by our stakeholders.

Updated on December 10, 2020.