ISA CTEEP is the largest private transmission company in the Brazilian electricity sector. Present in 17 Brazilian states, the Company operates a complex transmission network, through which 30% of all electrical energy transmitted in the country travels and 92% of the energy transmitted to the State of São Paulo.

With a large part of its facilities positioned in the largest consumer center in Brazil, ISA CTEEP, with its own assets and through its controlled and affiliated companies, has more than 1,300 employees and a robust infrastructure with an installed capacity of 81 MVA of transformation, with more than 21,000 km of transmission lines, 26 km of circuits, 2,385 km of its own fiber optic cables and 142 substations (active in operation and under construction) with voltages up to 550 kV.

Faced with an increasingly demanding market and the Company's position in a relevant consumption center for the country, since its inception, the company's investment amounts total about R$ 10 billion in the expansion of the system (considering values ​​already realized and committed), directed to the application of technologies capable of adding value to the operation and maintenance activities, ensuring efficiency and quality in the provision of its transmission services.

Controlled by ISA, an important ‘multilatina’ company engaged in the supply of linear infrastructure systems, ISA CTEEP also has among its investors, Eletrobras, the largest electric energy group in Brazil, and more than sixty thousand individual and corporate shareholders from different countries. ISA CTEEP’s shares are listed on the BM&FBovespa and since 2002, are traded on the Corporate Governance Level 1 segment.

Updated on February 24, 2022.