Reference of quality in electric power transmission in the country, ISA CTEEP devotes strategic efforts to provide high quality services, investing in innovation enterprises and sustainable actions that generate results that benefit both the industry and society.

For over a decade ISA CTEEP has the R&D program in order to develop innovation in the Company and its subsidiaries IE Madeira, Serra do Japi, Pinheiros, Evrecy, IEMG, IENNE and IESUL, IE Garanhuns. This action gives the staff the opportunity to work on projects in partnership with universities, laboratories and the country's leading research centers, collaborating to increase the number of professionals with titles of specialization, Master's and Ph.D. degrees.

The R&D program of ANEEL currently represents to ISA CTEEP one of the main knowledge generation and management mechanisms and produces innovative solutions. The R&D projects generated by employees are analyzed and prioritized using criteria such as originality and innovativeness in order to provide technological development and disseminate knowledge to develop new processes and products and improve the services rendered. The efforts of the Company's employees working together with renowned researchers from Brazil resulted, until the year 2016, in 12 patent applications. Innovation is embedded in the culture of ISA CTEEP as an organizational value, a central element of its strategy to strengthen learning among its employees and cultivate increasing efficiency in its energy transmission business.

Updated on March 3, 2017.