Main projects

Friends of Energy

This is a program aimed at risk prevention and at the relationship with the communities surrounding our transmission lines, which guides employees and residents for safe co-existence with the power grid, as well as socially and environmentally responsible attitudes.

More than 40,000 people have attended the lectures covering topics such as the importance of energy transmission to the nation; the Company’s social and environmental responsibility; risks relating to irregular burning and accidental fires near transmission structures; the concept of rights-of-way and the importance of keeping the areas clean and clear; the correct disposal of waste; the dangers of flying kites and balloons close to power lines; among other recommendations.

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Solidarity Energy

The program encourages volunteering, enhancing the exchange of information and experiences among employees, and conducts corporate solidarity actions that benefit communities with high social vulnerability. Through Christmas drives and winter-clothing drives, employees mobilize to make collections in partnership with charitable organizations.

Sponsorships through incentives

Sponsorships made possible through tax incentive laws are another way ISA CTEEP contributes to the sustainable development of its business and society. Guided by the Company’s directives of Corporate Social Responsibility, in 2017 alone ISA CTEEP invested R$ 6.5 millions in these initiatives. These sponsorships through incentives include:

Centro Educacional Assistencial Profissionalizante (CEAP) - CEAP offers free technical and vocational courses for young people between the ages of 10 and 18 who are in regular education, having trained 6,000 people over 32 years of activities. CEAP courses are designed to help young people develop and enter the labor market. In addition, the institution counts on the human training project of its participants together with their families. For the organization, the student continues to be part of his initiatives, even after completing the course: through the Internship and Vocational Placement Center, the former students are benefited by several actions, aimed at entering or returning to the labor market. ISA CTEEP is sponsoring the project New Directions: Professional Qualification of Young People in Technical Course of Computer Networks.

Instituto Criar - Founded in 2003 by presenter Luciano Huck, Instituto Criar promotes professional, social, cultural and personal development, free of charge, for low income youth through professional audiovisual training. The purpose of Criar is to help its participants to transform creative skills into economic assets and stimulate innovative models for audiovisual productions.

Instituto PROF - The organization aims to help develop the citizenship and autonomy of children and young people in the Paraisópolis neighborhood, in São Paulo, through reading. The institute promotes non-formal educational actions against school shifts, whose pillars are: writing and reading, logical reasoning, art, culture, sports and digital communication. For the youngsters of the High School there is the professional qualification program that helps them to enter the labor market. At the same time, the PROF accompanies children and young people with psychological and psychopedagogical assistance.

Doutores da Alegria - For 27 years, Doutores da Alegria has interacted, through the art of the clown, with patients such as children, adolescents and other public in adverse environments. About 50 highly educated and highly trained professionals work in public hospitals with the objective of promoting and qualifying human relations within these environments. The project has already been the subject of intense research to assess impacts and results and the UN
(United Nations) recognizes Doutores da Alegria as one of the 40 global best practices.

Instituto Esporte & Educação (IEE) - The Instituto Esporte & Educação was founded by former Olympic athlete Ana Moser in 2001. The institute works for the training and development of children and young people of low income through physical education and sport. The IEE also acts in the training and qualification of teachers and public managers to develop the educational sport in the municipalities indicated by the institute. The support of ISA CTEEP will take place in Jardim São Luís.

GRAACC (Grupo de Apoio ao Adolescente e à Criança com Câncer) - Supported by the company since 2015, in 2018 ISA CTEEP starts to encourage a project aimed at the medical care of children and adolescents with cancer by qualified professionals in pediatric oncology at the GRAACC hospital.

Hospital de Amor - Since 2016, ISA CTEEP has sponsored the Hospital de Amor, the new denomination of the Hospital de Cancer de Barretos, which provides free medical care for patients on cancer treatment. The Company's support is earmarked for the Amparo to the Elderly project, which aims to make feasible the cost of the São Judas Tadeu hospital - palliative care and elderly care unit of the institution.

Bienal - Sponsored since 2015, the institution puts into practice artistic, educational and social initiatives. Also holds a thematic event every two years that gives opportunity for numerous artists to put on display their art. The project expands the event that takes place in the Bienal building in Ibirapuera park and travels through cities in Brazil and abroad.

Na Trilha da Energia - For the third consecutive year, ISA CTEEP is sponsoring the TV series "Na Trilha da Energia", conducted by Instituto Acende Brasil and the production company Canal Azul. The third season has five episodes and will approach the global electric sector in a simple and accessible way for all audiences.

Updated on October 23, 2016.