Due to a major participation in ANEEL auctions, ISA CTEEP successfully acquired lots and created eight subsidiaries for the provision of energy utility services:


IENNE – Interligação Elétrica Norte e Nordeste

Formed by the lines Colinas (Tocantins) - Ribeiro Gonçalves (Piauí) and Ribeiro Gonçalves - São João do Piauí (Piauí), both at 500 kV, covering 720 km. Its Permitted Annual Revenue (RAP) for the 2014/2015 cycle is R$ 36.5 million.


IEMG – Interligação Elétrica de Minas Gerais

It has the transmission line 500 kV Neves 1 - Mosque (Minas Gerais), covering 172 km and connecting the Neves 1 substation to Mesquita substation, passing through 14 municipalities of Minas Gerais between the cities of Contagem and Ipatinga. Its RAP for the 2014/2015 cycle is 14.9 million.


IE SUL – Interligação Elétrica Sul

The IESUL is responsible for substations 230/138 kV Scharlau and 230/69 kV Forquilhinha and the transmission lines 230 kV Nova Santa Rita-Scharlau (23 km), 230 kV Joinville North Curitiba (100 km) and 230 kV Jorge Lacerda B-Siderópolis (50 km), and the 230 kV sectioning Siderópolis-Lajeado Grande (12 km). The project covers 173 km with 750 MVA transformation capacity. The RAP of IESUL for the 2014/2015 cycle is 15.3 million.


Pinheiros – Interligação Elétrica Pinheiros 

This subsidiary is formed by the substations 345/138-88 kV Piratininga II, 440/138 kV Mirassol II, 440/138 kV Getulina, 440/138 kV Araras, 345/138 kV Atibaia II and 345/88 kV Itapeti; and the transmission line (1.5 km), in addition to the transmission line 345 kV Interlagos -. Piratininga II. These enterprises are located in the State of São Paulo, covering 5 km with 2,800 MVA installed power capacity. The RAP for the 2014/2015 cycle is 46.1 million.

IE Madeira

IE Madeira – Interligação Elétrica Madeira 

IE Madeira is responsible for the Porto Velho-Araraquara II transmission line, as well as a rectifier station in Rondônia and an inverter in São Paulo, which transform alternating current into direct current and vice-versa. The project covers 2,375 km with 6,100 MVA transformation capacity. For the 2014/2015 cycle, the RAP is 416,2 million.

Serra do Japi

Serra do Japi – Interligação Serra do Japi 

It is formed by the substations 440/138-88 kV Jandira and 440/138-88 kV Salto, located in the State of São Paulo. These enterprises cover 10.9 km with 6,100 MVA transformation capacity, and the RAP for the 2014/2015 cycle is 52.7 million.

IE Garanhuns

IE Garanhuns – Interligação Elétrica Garanhuns 

It is formed by the substations Garanhuns 500/230 kV and Pau Ferro 500/230 kV; and the transmission lines Luiz Gonzaga-Garanhuns 500 kV, Garanhuns-Pau Ferro 500 kV, Garanhuns-Campina Grande III 500 kV, Garanhuns-Angelim 230 kV (and the sectioning of the lines Angelim II-Recife II 500 kV, Luiz Gonzaga-Angelim II, 500kV and Paulo Afonso-Angelim II 230 KV (2 km).

The Garanhuns infrastructure covers 832,2 kilometers with 2,100 MVA transformation capacity, in the voltage of 500 kV. The RAP for the 2014/20015 cycle is 88.3 million.


Evrecy Participações Ltda.

The subsidiary is formed by transmission lines 230 kV Aimorés-Mascarenhas (circuit 1), 230 kV Governador Valadares-Conselheiro Pena and 230 kV Conselheiro Pena-Aimorés, covering 154 kilometers, and the substation 230/138 kV Mascarenhas (450 MVA). The RAP of Evrecy for the 2014/2015 cycle is 13.1 million.

Updated on March 31, 2017.