Main projects

Friends of Energy

This is a program aimed at risk prevention and at the relationship with the communities surrounding our transmission lines, which guides employees and residents for safe co-existence with the power grid, as well as socially and environmentally responsible attitudes.

More than 40,000 people have attended the lectures covering topics such as the importance of energy transmission to the nation; the Company’s social and environmental responsibility; risks relating to irregular burning and accidental fires near transmission structures; the concept of rights-of-way and the importance of keeping the areas clean and clear; the correct disposal of waste; the dangers of flying kites and balloons close to power lines; among other recommendations.

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Solidarity Energy

The program encourages volunteering, enhancing the exchange of information and experiences among employees, and conducts corporate solidarity actions that benefit communities with high social vulnerability. Through Christmas drives and winter-clothing drives, employees mobilize to make collections in partnership with charitable organizations.

Sponsorships through incentives

Sponsorships made possible through tax incentive laws are another way ISA CTEEP contributes to the sustainable development of its business and society. Guided by the Company’s directives of Corporate Social Responsibility, in 2016 alone ISA CTEEP invested R$ 1.5 million in these initiatives. These sponsorships through incentives include:

Night Run – The largest nighttime running circuit in the world. The sponsorship benefited an edition of this event with registration at affordable prices, which seeks to popularize street events, encouraging quality of life. .

Graacc (Support Group for Adolescents and Children with Cancer) – The company assists in the expansion of radiation therapy at the GRAACC Hospital, benefiting 192 children and adolescents, with 2,400 treatment sessions.

“Guri Santa Marcelina” Project – The Company’s support is for the implementation of vocational guidance at 20 educational centers of the “Guri” project, a social-cultural project for the inclusion of children and adolescents from São Paulo through musical education. The initiative will serve around 8,000 people in workshops, meetings and tutorials.

Barretos Cancer Hospital (HCB) – The contribution is earmarked for humanized palliative care for HCB patients, where approximately 270 patients are seen per month. The unit has doctors, physical therapists, psychologists, nutritionists, occupational therapists, social workers, and others. ISA CTEEP will receive the “Empresa Amiga Hospital” seal.

32nd Biennial – ISA CTEEP supports one of the world’s major contemporary art exhibitions and its itinerant activities. The Biennial Foundation has been a partner of ISA CTEEP since 2014.

Documentaries – The company is a sponsor of the films Ameaças do Céu (Threats from the Sky), by the National Institute for Space Research, and Na Trilha da Energia II (On the Trail of Energy II) by the Acende Brasil Institute. The first project approaches the impact of severe climatic events (constant rain, lightning, etc.) on the electrical industry, and the other clarifies people’s main doubts about energy generation, transmission, and distribution.

Updated on July 6, 2016.